Chessington Attractions

Chessington attractions first only had a zoo and then it had a theme park added on. Today, the zoo acts only as a starter to the ever-expanding real entertianemnet with new and bigger rides, which get even more exciting every holiday season. Read on to know more about the Chessington attractions, which keep on adding every year.

Main Chessington attractions

Chessington Zoo
Starting with the first of the Chessington attractions, the zoo is one of the oldest areas in the park and is split in two. The west side of the park is a walkthrough attraction to enclosures for gorillas, tigers, lions and Binturong, while the east side contains smaller enclosures housing capybaras, rhea, mara, wallabies, meerkats and agouti. There is also a 'Monkey & Bird Garden' filled with exotic birds and monkeys. Chessington Zoo also has other attractions like Sea lion Bay, Creepy Caves and the Trail of the Kings.

Wild Asia
Wild Asia, the new themed area, planned to integrate the zoo with the theme park. The main attractions are Jungle Bus, which is a small magic carpet ride for the whole family. There is Temple of Mayhem fo4r the young adventurers, where children can fire foam balls at targets and at each other. Lorikeet Lagoon is a new bird enclosure in which guests can hand feed nectar to lorikeets.

Land of the Dragons
Land of the Dragons, another of the Chessington attractions, opened in 2004. It is a self contained, dragon-themed land, consisting of rides and attractions for younger children. There are two main play areas, Dragon's Playhouse, and Canopy Capers. A 'meet and greet' session is available at preset times near the entrance to Land of the Dragons.

Market Square
Market Square is the central area of the park and is one of the main Chessington attractions among visitors. Filled with shops, video arcades and food stalls, one can also take a guided tour of the zoo, lawn and mansion area, on Safari Skyway, a monorail.

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