Chessington Location

Chessington location is in the South West London and lies at a distance of 12 miles from Central London. As a theme park and zoo in South West London, it attracts large number of visitors every year and is very popular among amusement parks in the world. Opened some 70 years back, today, Chessington theme park offers numerous attractions including roller coasters and water slides.

In order to revitalize the Chessington Zoo which was suffering a decline in the visitor numbers, Madame Tussauds Ltd in 1984, decided to restore its popularity. A set of proposals were formulated to revitalize the asset, which were supported and backed. A planning application was submitted to the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, which included introducing new monorail, powered coaster, log flume and a dark ride. The new rides were to replace the existing fairground rides and operate on a pay-one-price admission basis. These new attractions at the Chessington location emphasized on atmosphere and effects, making it one of the first true theme parks in Britain.

The Chessington location boasts of a large selection of attractions. About more than a thousand animals can be seen from the Safari Skyway. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of twists and turns, dips and dives on the fabulous rides.

The Chessington location and its precise address is as follows:

Chessington World of Adventure
Surrey KT9 2NE

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