A Brief History of Amusement Parks

History of amusement parks takes us back to the Bar Periodic fairs, like the Bartholomew Fair which started in England in 1543. These can be considered a parent for the modern amusement park. Opening in the Elizabethan period, the fair had evolved as a center of amusement with entertainment with fun, food, games, and many other attractions. The beer festival held in Munich, Germany in 1810 and the county and state fairs in US, also played a part in the brief history of amusement parks. These annual events were usually held for a short time, to celebrate a good harvest.

Amusement parks are also known to have grown out of the pleasure gardens that became very popular at the start of the Industrial revolution. These were the zones where one could escape from the bleak urban life and other problems for a short while. When we look back in the history of amusement parks, we find the oldest and still-surviving amusement park in the world as Bakken at Denmark, which opened in 1583. These parks consisted of stalls, fireworks displays and rides and the modern railroad and evolved to accommodate the growing expectations of their customers. Rides became an important and integral part of these parks.

Another turning point in the history of amusement parks was the world's fairs which began in 1851. Crystal Palace in London, England was a landmark and celebrated the industrial achievement of the world. These were seen as symbols of economic and industrial success. In the last decade of the 19th century, the electric trolley lines were became immensely popular. Mechanical amusements, dance halls, sports fields, boats rides, restaurants and other resort facilities were included for regular entertainments, asthe history of amusement parks reflects.

The golden age in the brief history of amusement parks was the time when Americans were working fewer hours and had more money to spend. With more time and money to spend on leisure activities, it was no surprise to see people seeking new venues for entertainment. A number of amusement parks were set up outside major cities and in rural areas, to make best of this new economic opportunity. These parks reflected the modern mechanization and industrialization while serving as source of fantasy and escape from real life.
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