Major Thorpe Park Attractions

Thorpe Park attractions are based loosely around eight themed areas. Using a lot of razzle-dazzle to immerse guests in a land of fantasy, each of the rides in the park has a stronger identity. However, the sections of the park still keep a rough setting and theme, focusing on the Thorpe Park attractions.

Main Thorpe Park attractions

Port Atlantis
Port Atlantis is a large dome situated at the entrance to the park. Boasting of an underwater theme, the building contains facilities such as guest services, shops, toilets, lockers, a bar and staff areas. It also has the park's main restaurant called 'The Glasshouse' and a Nestlé Sweet Shop. The Coffee Shack sells hot and cold drinks as well as snacks.

Lost City
The largest area in Thorpe Park and home to the majority of the rides in the park, no wonder Lost City comes across as one of the big Thorpe Park attractions. Based on Mayan/Aztec theme, some its famous rides are Colossus, Vortex, Quantum and Rush.

Calypso Quay
Calypso Quay, another of main Thorpe Park attractions is famous for Nemesis Inferno, Detonator and Rumba Rapids. All these exciting rides and roller coasters feature there own themed effects.

Canada Creek
Canadian creek is again home to Loggers Leap, themed around logging in Canada, Rocky Express, a small roundabout-type ride for younger visitors and Canada Creek Railway, which is a miniature railway.

Amity Cove
Having its own park radio station, this is themed around a 1950s New Hampshire fishing village devastated by a tidal wave. The Thorpe Park attractions here center on its rides which are Tidal Wave, Stealth, The Arena, Battle Beam gladiator, Storm Surge, Time Voyagers, Storm in a Tea Cup and Flying Fish.

Ranger County
Ranger County is themed around the old Thorpe Park Rangers mascots and is the smallest area in the park. Mr Monkey's Banana Ride, Chief Ranger's Carousel and Miss Hippo's Fungle ar part of the main Thorpe Park attractions here.

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