Major Universal Studios Attractions

Universal Studios attractions offer a unique experience to the visitors. Featuring attractions reflecting current and classic films of our time, there are some spectacular rides and thrilling shows to choose from. Some of the major Universal Studios attractions are simply not to be missed, as they stimulate us beyond our wildest imagination.

One faces the action head-on with heart-pounding rides, with shows and Universal Studios attractions that put one right inside some of the world's biggest movies. For instance, you can crash and race your way through the animated world of the Simpsons on a revolutionary, virtual roller coaster. Revenge of the Mummy is another of the world's scariest indoor roller coaster. Jurassic Park ride put you down the 84-foot vertical raft plunge.

You can also join Shrek and Donkey on an ogre-the-top adventure in Shrek 4-DTM as part of popular Universal Studios attractions. World's most cuddly celebrities put up a show at Universal's Animals Actors stage. As you wander the park all day, you keep bumping into plenty of characters from all your favorite movies. Special Effect Stages also plans to add King Kong this year.

Besides amusement/thrill rides, some of the other popular Universal Studios attractions include Arcade games, Batting cage, Kart racing, Miniature golf and Movie Theater of course. Snack bar and fast food theme based restaurants offer a quality dining time. Some of the popular rides are, Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park ride.

A new Universal Studios attractions making waves is The Transformers attraction, which is expected to open at Universal Studios Hollywood in spring 2012. Transformers will be located in the buildings that previously housed the Special Effects Soundstages attractions.

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