Major Walt Disney World Attractions

The mere mention of Walt Disney World, conjures up magical visions of Cinderella Castle and popular Disney characters in most people's minds immediately. Walt Disney World attractions lure in thousands of visitors every year to these amusement parks, which are still the most widely recognized in the world.

A few from Walt Disney World attractions list

Astro Orbiter
A rocket ride in a 2-person spaceship makes you enjoy spectacular views from orbit as you spin around, dip and rise 'round the colossal monument of orbs and spirals.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Suitable for all ages, enjoy this rollicking runaway train, one of the Walt Disney World attractions, rushing through the gold-mining. Beware when the rails go clackety-clack, which indicates that your car's about to run across a dangerous terrain.

A Dream Come True Parade
A Dream Come True Parade features a collection of classic Disney moments to take part in and delight. Guests of all ages enjoy the experience as the music floats and many favorite Disney Characters make up the joyful procession.

Cinderella Castle
Another of the popular Walt Disney World attractions, one can take trip in this iconic fairytale fortress and enjoy the moments of the classic tale unfolding around you on murals.

The Haunted Mansion
Fun for everyone, just climb aboard the Doom Buggy and ride through the menacing haunted house. You will be greeted by a supernatural Ghost Host, who will introduce you to his closest and dearly friends.

Apart from the above mentioned Walt Disney World attractions; there are some new Walt Disney World attractions to keep one coming back for more and have some new experiences.

New Walt Disney World attractions
Star Tours has re-opened to rave reviews. Offering an enhanced experience, one gets to enjoy and choose form a combination of over 50 ride combinations. So the riders will see something new every time they ride. A Four Seasons luxury resort will be developed along the northeast border of Disney World property and will include golf course, single- and multi-family vacation homes.

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